Regarding the map generation

I am perfectly aware that Failbetter already has things to do, but I would love an implementation of more options regarding map generation (or the possible lack of it).

For example:

-default map, how Failbetter themselves envision the Neath (if they do)
-standard map generation, possibly with some options
-the ability to build your own map, with or without limitations to the current regions

What do fellow Captains make of this? I know that the randomization gives a sense of exploration, the despair of not knowing where you are and the cheer of knowing so, and your own generation (limited or not) can be exploited for efficient trade routes, however for me the randomization feels a bit wrong.

Unless if you argue that the randomized map is simply a more-or-else accurate representation of the Captain’s journeys, but again, that somehow puts you in third person, not first person.
edited by Doomjoon on 4/29/2015

I think that’s a brilliant idea to be honest, I’d love to play the map as FBG imagined the layout to be, especially as we’ve got the rather nicely drawn map as a KS reward!

Yeah! I enjoy the map as it is, but I definitely feel that there could have been a default version of the Neath from before the Alterations began.[li]
It’s been interesting to piece Unterzee geography together from clues like the migration routes of lorn-flukes and bound sharks, or other tiny indications in the text. I group some tiles together by music, others by fauna, and others on storylets, like the Chelonate and Khanate - would they be quite this rancorous if the Khanate was by Mt Palmerston and the Chelonate was by Kingseater Castle? etc.

[spoiler] While we’re on the topic, I’ve always wondered about the fate-locked text from the Decommissioned Steamer, because there’s a bit in it that doesn’t make even with sunless sea out. The Ragged Crow as a landmark (or…zeemark?) shouldn’t migrate as much as it suggests, unless it was on the eastern edge. :?

[/li]Actually there was a &quotdefault&quot version prior to the full release. Early Access players (and testers) would have seen the &quotoriginal&quot map but I agree it might be nice to see a completed version (since the Early Access didn’t have all the islands fully drawn yet).