Regarding strangling willow absinthe

From the name &quotstrangling willow&quot, I gather that the tree is something like the &quotwhomping willow&quot from Harry Potter, only deadlier. Simple enough. What I find not so simple is that, when the willow’s leaves are used to flavor absinthe, the absinthe also becomes dangerous. So, my questions are:

  • How does the danger manifest? Will a bottle of the absinthe attempt to choke you by shoving itself into your mouth and down your throat?[/li][li]What sets it off? Loud noises? Sudden movements?[/li][li]If a closed bottle of it is dangerous, wouldn’t it be even more dangerous when poured into a glass, and still yet more dangerous when it’s in your mouth and travelling down your throat?[/li][li]Why would anyone risk the danger presented? Does it taste delicious? Give an especially potent buzz? Does braving the risk for a taste of it prove what a connoisseur you are?

I’ve always assumed that the “strangling” part just referred to the drink, rather than the willow itself. In any case, I don’t think most people drink it. The only time I recall mentions of it being drunk when you give it to the manager of the Royal Beth, where the people are not so sane.

Come to think of it, willows are trees, and London has no trees. Where do they brew this stuff?

Or perhaps, given its price, it’s imported?

I had always assumed that “Strangling Willow” was just the name of the distillery, like how the wines are called “Greyfield’s” or “Broken Giant.” The phrase sounds like it could be the picture on a bottle of absinthe, after all.

The drink seems to have an independent homicidal urge, where its described as best to get rid of it before it escapes the bottle. I’m guessing the drink also tries to strangle you via pouring itself into the drinker’s lungs.

Its suitable for drinking by those similar to the mayor from Rusty hearts.

I always thought it was from Polythreme and the “strangling” part is literal if you try to drink it.

Wow. I’ve been reading that item name wrong for a while. I thought I’d was just full of spiders.