regarding ambition: enigma.

yes, i know im not suppossed to say anything about it. but i know you can have this ambition with other ‘true’ ambitions.
since i dont want to play ambitions until i reached the end of watchful and dangerous storylines. and started searching for the start of enigma. will enigma prevent me from choosing an ambition since enigma itself is an ambition ?.(since you can only have 1 ambition). if i have enigma but didnt chose an ambition before. can i start/complete enigma and choose a real ambition? or does enigma have an ending at all? (people who found the solution says its &quotmeta&quot. it means it doesnt directly corresponds to FL game mechanics).

You can start Enigma and then pick an Ambition later - the two don’t interact in any way.
EDIT: Like others have said beneath me, don’t let its name fool you. It is not really an Ambition. It has no end and no discernible plot and is entirely mystifying.
edited by Barselaar on 8/20/2016

There is no end to enigma.

Enigma (what there is so far) consists mostly of just a few snippets of text. It should not be compared to the “normal” Ambitions in any way.

thanks for the answer.

one wiki says once i have enigma, it will prevent me from choosing an ambition. is this correct ?

Pretty sure it’s not true.

It used to be the case, but they fixed that.

oh ok. thanks