Reducing Wounds in Polythreme

[color=FF3300]Okay, so. I just completed the Flint I & II content. I drank from the wound, and once I left the area my wounds jumped from 6 to 8.

Now, for Rae in particular, I’ve been avoiding the Boat with Death. I’m very proud of how far I’ve gotten my character without her dying.

So on the trip back I avoided London entirely and went straight for Polythereme. I don’t recall if there’s a way to reduce wounds here, and at the very least I can wait until my profession’s reward comes in. But I’ve just gotten back into playing Fallen London and I would like not to have to wait a week to continue my explorations of the Neath.

Anyone know of some effective ways of reducing wounds? Low as can go, preferably, but I can make it back to London and return to health with just a 7.[/color]
edited by Rae Ameras on 12/3/2015

Can you not receive wound reduction socials in Polytheme? I have yet to leave London, so I know nothing about it.

– Mal

Why Polythreme? Go to Hunter’s Keep, there are two actions that lower Wounds:
Try all the dishes and
Talk to Lucy

… though it has to be said that failure at Try all the dishes RAISES wounds, so make sure your Watchful is high enough, or just concentrate your efforts on Lucy ;)

@Mal: You cannot accept social actions outside London.
edited by Rupho Schartenhauer on 12/3/2015

You can’t receive wound social actions outside of London, I believe. You get something like “One of you is not in the right place for this.” if you try to accept. I think that rule applies to Polythreme, as with other overzee locations.

Hm, I don’t think there’s any healing to be had in Polythreme. I suppose TTH is really the best bet, but it might take more than one week for your wounds to drop to 7…

I take it you don’t have your own ship? If you do, you can sail to Hunter’s Keep.

I completely forgot about Hunter’s keep. Silly, silly me. Thanks for the reminder, I just didn’t want to be stuck on a ship for the whole time.

Don’t forget the season!

While it’s true that regular social actions for Wounds reductions can’t be sent to someone outside of London, I believe that Christmas cards can reach anyone anywhere :-)

I believe that the Paint-Besplattered Mog card reduces Wounds (by 8 cp, according to the wiki - not sure if this is fixed or random).

I’ve just sent you one, Rae. Hope it’s enough for your needs.

Because they do not have to be accepted. It’s true for a small number of other socials, too.

Some of the menaces hit “reset” points on Hunter’s Keep. I know Nightmares does, but I’m not sure if wounds will. If nightmares hits 8, you reset down to 5.

I’m not sure about the Christmas Card thing; I was trying to send a card to Optimatum the other day and couldn’t because they were “somewhere else.”

@Kaigen: Moi aussi. I assumed he was doing Flint like everybody else.

– Mal

Thank you so much for the card! My wounds are down to 4 now. I can head back to London and sleep it off.

My Wounds did reset. I wandered around Hunter’s keep a bit, as I haven’t gotten the dishes card and talking to Lucy did not reduce my wounds for reason. Then I blacked out and woke up in bed.

You can accept social actions outside of London if they were sent while you were both in London (because well, that’s where most social actions require you to be for sending) and accepted while you’re both at the same non-London location. Tricksy!