Reducing Nightmares

Hello everyone, first time poster here and an avid intrepid explorer of the unterzee speaking.

Throughout my many days exploring the lengths and breadth of the underzee, I seemed to have let my terror get out of hand and have accrued and incredible amount of Nightmare strength. 56 as of posting.

Now on occasion I am hit with the Nightmares while exploring, and I have a 2% chance of succeeding in any of the three challenges. So what I am asking is, is there a way for me to reduce my Nightmare Strength beyond simply hoping for a pot luck involving that 2%?
edited by Rayneth on 7/9/2014

You need to get a Good Night’s Sleep, which you can get by sleeping at your house in London. You get more Good Night’s Sleep depending on which house you have.

Wow, that’s a lot of nightmares…the most i’ve had is 9. If you rest in your lodgings you can gain restful nights which make it easier to reduce nightmare’s strength, so you could do that. Not sure if it also works with confronting the nightmare, but with 56 strength hoping for a success on the 2% confrontation check might be your best bet.

Increasing your hearts through trying something mysterious would also probably help you out.

Thanks for the answers. I was aware of the Restful Sleep quality you gain, but not aware that getting better lodgings improved the quality of it.

And yes, I was relying on my return trip to london to reduce my terror for the better half of the game. Beyond preparing an heir and my character dying with his nightmares, I suppose confrontation is the only cure.

Do be warned, it raises terror a LOT. Like, it just raised mine 37 when I failed. Reducing nightmares only raised it by 17 or so when I failed, for comparison.

Oh. With a Nightmare strength of 56. If you fail, no matter how low your terror is, it has increased it to 100 without fail every single time.

A cautionary tale to all Zee captains. Keep your mental health in check.

…wow. You’d best be getting a bigger ship and some great irons then. (now i’m really worried. My nightmare’s strength is 10 at the moment and that’s bad enough considering I go zailing about with a minimum of 50 terror)

Stock up on fuel and supplies and hit the Cumean Canal. Visiting the Surface gives a major Terror reduction. Be sure to explore the Surface while you are there, and probably expect a zailor or two to either succumb to True Death or desert topside.

But it is my sovereign cure for massive Terror once I’ve gotten wealthy enough to buy an engine to keep Terror in check on future trips.

Another way to reduce terror is to hunt Albino Moray Eels (butcher or Research), Caged Sharks (Butcher or research) or the Giant Angler Crabs (Research only) to obtain a hunting trophy. You can turn this in at the Abbey for 4-8 terror reduction. Very useful if you wish to avoid returning home to our fair home port of London with 50 or less Terror.

I recommend high irons. 70-80++ otherwise you may suffer hull damage from the Moray eel and the Crab.

Also be aware that the eels can screech and make you GAIN terror, so maybe they aren’t the best bet.