Reducing criminal record

I’ve made some mistakes. I’m a wretched recidivist.

Whenever I try to find if there’s some way to go back on this, I find old information claiming an option in the face-tailor wipes it clean; it also claims the face-tailor is fate locked, which it can’t be, because I’ve never bought fate and I’ve apparently completed it; and because all of its routes are up on the wiki - with no show of criminal record wiping.

So, is there a way to reduce your criminal record? Or should I just deal with my mistakes?

There was, once, when Feducci was mayor at Hallowmas. That hasn’t come back during the Contrarian’s term, and it’s anyone’s guess whether anything similar will be available ever again.

I haven’t heard of the face-tailor changing your record - though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t; I’m skeptical but ill-informed. As for its Fate status, I’m not entirely sure but I think there’s a free part of the story and then you can buy a more substantial continuation with Fate - somewhat (though not exactly) analogous to how you can interact with the soul trade normally but then can pay Fate to get directly involved with it.

The Trade in Faces storyline has text that suggests your record will be wiped, but in practice only offers an option to lower scandal.

To my recollection, the Face Tailor lowers Suspicion; that is more useful as a too-high Suspicion will get you sent back to New Newgate; but it does not affect your existing Criminal Record quality.
EDIT: It may lower Scandal also; I can’t remember offhand. I’ll have to check next time I do the card.
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I think different options at the end lower Scandal or Suspicion. Regardless, it does not reduce Criminal Record.

Tip for other players: If you wish to re-enter New Newgate prison, there is a way to get in (unsuccessfully attempting to rob the Brass Embassy) without it raising your Criminal Record.

@Telnaga, if you ever wanted to Seek the Name, it seems you may have a character for the job.
(Completing SMEN renders your character entirely unplayable, so you’d be creating a new character afterwards anyway - possibly with a different Ambition storyline to the one you’ve played previously.)
This is in no way a suggestion that you should attempt SMEN - that would be severely unadvisable - merely that if you were going to retire your jail-bird at some point & start over, then there are other things you could do with them beforehand. :-)