Recovering Closest To

When selling the location of the Cave of Nadir my closest to was set to the revolutionaries. Once I’d removed that closest to I seemed to not draw the closest to card to choose a side. Is it because my spending secrets quality is 4 not 3 or do I just have to use the opportunity on each faction card?

Forever Changed by the Nadir:
Imprisoned by Nightmares:

You’ll need to use the options on the Faction cards themselves to pick a new side after dropping the old one.

Similar question- my alt is ready to sell the location of the Cave. She currently is not closest to anyone, and she wants to become closest to the Revolutionaries, but the options for selling the Cave all say that your Closest To will become this faction if you are already closest to anyone- which suggests that I can’t use it to go from closest to no one to closest to Revolutionaries. My question, then- is that accurate? And if so, what is the easiest faction to become Closest To?


You can become Closest to Revolutionaries by selling the Nadir’s location to them; the wording just imply it will override your current allegiance if you happens to be closest to anything else.

That is a relief, thank you. :)