Reconnecting with the Masters

Recently, due to Seeking, I lost all of my connections. I now wish to regain my connections to the Masters, but I cannot remember the best way to do so. I know it is best to gather special materials for Mr Pages, but I don’t remember how to get them efficiently. Does anyone know the best course of action? I think the Foreign Office was, at least, partially involved.

Trading in connections with the Revolutionaries at the Flit gets you 720 Proscribed Material.

I was actually hoping to gather the more expensive materials since I believe it gives 3cp and proscribed materials give 1cp.

There’s a storylet at the Carnival that may give you a point or so of Connected: Masters, but successes on that are hard to get.

The &quotRevels with the Masters&quot Opportunity card may be a better bet; however, I don’t remember whether there are preconditions for its showing up.

2500 Romantic Notions (12500 Prisoner’s Honey worth) can be traded in for 1 cp of Masters Conecction at the Temple Club up until level 10. Simply ask for an invite whenever you need to go in. I myself am a member in good standing and can send such invites.

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Yeah the more expensive option is far more efficient. There are a handful of ways to get collated research, but in terms of repeatable methods…
Monster-hunter gets them as part of the payment, and you can grind at Wilmots’ End, but it’s far more efficient to grind candles at unfinished business in Spite and trade up.[li]
Not sure about the best way of getting the required Romantic Notions, and whilst the Temple club is an option, it’s horrendously inefficient.
[/li][li]Revels with the Masters caps at 1 I believe, so is only useful for the very first point, and similarly I believe the carnival option has a low cap, and moreover can lose you connection:Masters[/li][li]
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I used to have a spreadsheet to calculate it. Use the foreign office to gain both Blackmail and Extraordinary Implications, then convert the implications to get Uncanny Incunabulum. If you have access to the Temple Club you can grind honey and Veilgarden, convert it to Visions of the Surface at the Temple Club and then convert that to Touching Love Stories. Alternatively, rob couriers in Spite for the rare success that gives them. Collated research can be made by converting Memories of Distant Shores. You can get Visions of the Surface and Memories of Distant Shores at the Southern Archipelago. Some of this might be outdated as I did this a few years ago.