Recommended Use for Penstock Wicket Options

I have two characters (main and Alt) that are both fairly high level (both have base stats of 230), have completed the railroad, have 5-card lodgings, and do not want a Noman. One has taste of lacre of 7 and 6 pails of snow. The other has 10 taste of lacre and 7 pails of snow. Both have a dreadful surmise and both are comfortable with their current destiny.

In light of the above descriptions, what options from Penstocks Wicket would you recommend they choose to use these ToL and pails of snow? Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Do you have the Dark-Carapaced Crustacean? If not, you could always buy a Malevolent Monkey and use a few pails trying to get one. Or otherwise buy a Remote Address. You never know when you might need one!

One of the most profitable ways to cash out Taste of Lacre is in the Nadir, where you can trade 7 points for a Vial of Tears. That’s… not reliable, but you have several weeks of Nadir visits to look ahead to.

The Sample of Lacreous Affection seems to be valued at 312 echoes, but currently does not have a way to actually cash out. Personally I’m going to collect a few. There’s an outside chance it will have a use come Jan 18.

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I think they both have remote addresses already although they only ever use their 5-card address. On has a “Lair in the marshes” and the other has a “drip stoned temple”. Are these both “remote addresses”?

psgarak, What happens on Jan. 18th? I have been going to the cave of the Nadir each week hoping to be able to use that good option but so far, no luck in 4 trips.

The City in Silver! (Conclusion to the Railway storyline.)

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The Lair in the Marshes doesn’t count as a Remote Address so I would get one for that account. The Dripstone Temple, on the other hand, is a Remote address.

John_Schmit or anyone else), I only ever used these remote address lodgings before I got my 5-card lodgings and have never used them since. What is the situation of which I am unaware where a remote address is a useful thing to have? Thanks.

If you live in a Remote Address, then all of the cards that start with “City Vices:” are removed from your deck, so you trade more space to store cards for having fewer bad cards.

Ahh. I see the attraction. Those cards are really awful.

Most of the cards have reasonable lock conditions.