Recommend me Exceptional Stories

Hello Londoners,

I am a seeker of the name and as such, may or may not finish the game at some point for good.
I want to explore more exceptional stories before that but I found the fate-locked content a bit hit or miss - high quality writing though they are, the subject matter wasn’t always interesting to me.

I really enjoy the dark and morbid stories in Fallen London. The Gift, Light Fingers and the case of Jack of Smiles were my favorite bits of content up to this point.
Particular aspects of the Lore that really interest me are Dreams/Parabola (can you guess I supported the Viscountess?), the darker secrets of the Palace and the Royal Family, the Royal Bethlehem, the ceiling (moon misers, stared men, etc.), the Drownies, the Masters and dealing with monsters (like hunting for the Spider Council).

Let me follow it up with a list of stories I already played along with a personal rating:
- The Gift 5/5

- The Empress’ Shadow 3.5/5
(I liked the lore about the Shadow, her dealings with the masters and the (possible) sixth city)

- Lost in Reflection 4/5
(loved everything about the mirrors and parabola, the prophecy of what might come to be in the future was cool, too)

- The Attendants 2/5
(I felt it underdelivered on the horror that the plot synopsis suggested; also I expected that there might be more to learn about the Duchess and the Cantigaster, but there was very little on that front)

- Marriage of Fedducci 2/5
(I enjoyed the little hints about the darker ongoings in the palace, such as the butler who’s lover was eaten, but that’s about it; I was hoping for a little more lore about Fedduci and the Princess, if nothing else)

I’m currently playing &quotWritten in the Glim&quot. Stories that sound interesting based on synopsis are &quotWhere you and I must go&quot, &quotDaylight&quot, &quotCut with Moonlight&quot and &quotHaunting at the March House&quot.

So, what other stories might be up my alley?

The Court of Cats - 4/10

The Seven-Day Reign - 7/10 (Better if you have an Aunt or a Daughter)

The Waltz That Moved The World - 7.5/10

The Pentecost Predicament - 6/10

Five Minutes to Midday - 9/10

The Final Curtain - 7.5/10

The Twelve-Fifteen to Moloch Street - 8.5/10

The Clay Man’s Arm - 9/10

HOJOTOHO! - 10/10

All Things Must End - 5/10

The Attendants - 6/10 (BUT, the scene you get if you are discovered in the house still haunts me to this day…)

Lamentation Lock - 7/10 (Options for if you have maxed stats)

Factory of Favours - 5/10

For All The Saints - 9/10

A Little Pandemonium - 10/10

Daylight - 9/10

The Price of Loss - 10/10 or 4/10. Depends on who you are as a person and your experiences in life.

Cricket, Anyone? - 100/10

Noises From Upstairs - 9/10

The Stag and The Shark - 8/10

The Garden Embassy - 7/10

I had a sneaking suspicion that there might be horror involved when you get caught but my stats were already too high for even a chance of being discovered.
Mind giving me an idea what happens?

&quotA Little Pandemonium&quot, &quotNoises from Upstairs&quot and &quotFor all the Saints&quot all sound pretty interesting.
I have no idea what to expect from &quotCricket anyone&quot. What made those stories stand out to you?

You know, I was all ready to write a few recommendations when I realized… I’ve played every single Exceptional Story, but never written my opinions on all of them. So here we are! Very much in-progress, but hopefully it’ll be of use anyways.