Is there any way to more efficiently manage information in the &quotRecently…&quot section under the Messages tab? In the past It has been such a chore to delete messages I do not want quickly due to the &quotare you sure&quot prompt that is available by default. Normally this is not to much of a problem, unless I undertake a number of social actions. (I do know that they time out eventually, but in the mean time they can be a bit of a pain)
So I was wondering if there were any user scripts or options that could expedite the process of managing it.

If not, might I suggest a check-box feature in the future to delete unwanted/duplicate updates quickly?

It’s possible to use the enter key for the “Are you sure” prompt, that may help. If you don’t want any of your messages either, you could scroll down to the bottom and with your mouse poised over the “Delete” button, you wouldn’t have to move your mouse, just click then enter continuously to get rid of all your messages. The trick also works if the messages are all the same length.