Reasons to advance to Tier 4 profession?

Am currently an Author. Contemplating becoming a Correspondent, after achieving the required Notability level. Reasons for and against, anyone? I do find the Author reward gains very nice, especially the weekly cellars of wine…

Do not get enmeshed in the affairs of the bazaar.

Correspondents trade their +9/+9 Companion for a +12/+12 Weapon, which may or may not be of more use to you, depending on your best items in those categories. They are paid in Antique Mysteries, Sworn Statements and Dubious Testimony, worth 60 echoes total. And, yes, they are further entangled in whatever scheme the Bazaar has going, whatever that will mean in the long term.

The weekly reward of an author is definitely less valuable in monetary terms. [li]
The best non profession companion is +6 for Persuasive (+9 with fate) and +8 for watchful (+10 with fate; let us assume you have no Goats)
The best non profession weapon are +6 for Persuasive and +8 for watchful.

This means that you gain +3 total Persuasive ( +6 with fate) and +3 (+4 with fate) by being a Correspondent.

Now, the prizes!

Correspondent has an higher echo value: 60 VS 37.5.
But, the items in themselves have not a lot of use - you’ll need a lot of antique mysteries only if you wish to purchase your room at the Behetlem. Sworn statements and dubious testimony are not really useful, too.

On the other hand, the Author has 2 nights of the town, which are very useful if you need a huge amount of making waves (just store them, then use all of them and wine in the proper house!) - or if you wish to celebrate before your marriage.
IN addition, Authors may be invited in a salon for quite a good amount of making waves (consider that you don’t have to spend nothing!!!)

On the other hand, if you are already wed (or you don’t care for this romantic stuff) and Notable enough, you could not care about MW.

In addition, cellars (for Blood of the Masters), kisses (MW! Both by converting and by using favours in high places) and base mysteries are pretty much useful.

[b]All in all:

The correspondent gives you a little bonus in the stats, and 22.5 echoes more of stuff which is mostly just sellable (unless you want to go to the behetlem)

The author gives you a lot more occasions for Making Waves, and the rewards are more useful.[/b][/li][li]
edited by Mizr. Edlaine Saphburgh on 5/16/2014

I think I’ll stick as Author a bit longer. Am currently seeing if I can grind enough Tears of the Bazaar to get another sample of Masters’ Blood, with at least one sample of Tears of the Bazaar to spare. That’ll take many cellars of wine, given the exchange rate at the Sommelier…