Real life maps

Dear Neath citizens,

Does anyone know if it’s possible to obtain a poster or cloth map of Fallen London, Sunless Sea and/or Sunless Skies?
I’ve been looking for one to pin to my walls along with the maps of Middle-Earth and Tamriel.

Many thanks!

As best I can tell, the Sunless Sea poster-size version of &quotDemeaux’s Navigational Chart of the Known Unterzee&quot was available for the Kickstarter, enjoyed a (public) second print run a few months after the official release, and there was never a third print-run. (So only second-hand at the moment, and a quick search, after sifting out Anne Perry’s okay novel, yields no positive result)

The Sunless Skies Sky Charts from the Kickstarter were only released 2 months ago, so even getting one second-hand would be tricky at the moment. For exclusivity’s sake, any hypothetical public print run wouldn’t be for a while, although optimistically it might be within the year.

Optimistically, any future print-run would also offer the Sunless Sea map again, and maybe also a Fallen London map? I haven’t seen any official mock-up for a hypothetical Fallen London map, although we do have the unusually detailed Travel map as a jumping-off point.

FWIW I would second demand for a third print-run of the SSeas map, as well as a map of Fallen London. I sniffed around for it secondhand a month or so back with no luck, and I’ve been going back-and-forth on using the picture from Twitter and printing it myself since, but I’d much rather give the team who created it the money it’s worth.

Thank you both!
Shame neither of you found more than what I did, although I didn’t find the Kickstarters either, good to know, I need to keep an eye open for the next one, if there will be one.
I’d rather wait until Failbetter themselves release some so I could pay the actual team and those involved with some of my favorite games!