!READ ME FIRST - PASSWORD RESET REQUIRED! Welcome to the Renewed Failbetter Games Forums

We are glad to have you in these, the new and improved Failbetter Games forums.

A few things to note:

  • First reset your password! Your current password will not work! You’ll need to reset it. Now is a good time to make sure you can access the email associated with your account.
  • We have made a slight update to the forum rules.
  • Some things might look a bit off while we settle in and make some look and feel choices.
  • Up and downvotes will not be carried over. The data isn’t compatible with the Discourse system that replaces it, which is just ‘likes’ rather than a +/- vote.
  • Signatures aren’t supported on Discourse. We suggest that you place the info from your signatures regarding social acts etc in your new profile.

Notice anything weird? Want to request a change? We’ll leave this thread open for the first little while, so we can tweak this new space until everyone is pleased that it’s working satisfactorily.

Many thanks, delicious friends, and have fun!


Wow! It feels so… fresh!

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It seems I cannot edit the Hellworm Club post, which would be desirable to keep updated membership lists at the top. A brief interwebs search says maybe there’s a Post Edit Time Limit setting?

Also seeing some BBC mark-up exposed in a few posts.

Minor issues aside, I’m loving the new digs. Already set up MFA, which means Fallen London Forums gets to join the list of “things more secure than my bank.”

Please provide detailed instructions on how to “reset” my password. I accepted a log-in link and can’t seem to do anything else. It would be very impractical to have to do that every time. No screen is offered to set a new password, no password is accepted, new signup is not accepted.

Sure. You don’t have to use the login link every time.
From logged out, click “I forgot my password”.

Then enter username or email address, click Reset Password
Receive this and check your email

Click the link
Choose a new password

From logged in - Preferences, Security, Send Password Reset Email - then follow link as above

Looks like I rejoined the forums (and the game) at just the right time.

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I’m going to unpin this topic as it’s been nearly a year since the great switch and we’re likely to have caught any stragglers!

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