Re-Tooling Cliques

I’m no longer able to see who is in whose clique, including my own. Is this a privacy issue, a re-tooling of the cliques, an abandoning of the clique idea or is this a personal problem on my end I should look into?

I can’t either, and I know clique invites haven’t been working for a while. I think certain other kinds of invite haven’t been working quite right either - I suspect it’s a consequence of the gradual reconfiguration of Fallen London toward the StoryNexus model impacting the more unconventional account-to-account mechanics.

I haven’t tried using invites on cliques for a long time since I was full up, but Nigel is right. On my profile page, only the clique name appears, nothing else. Not even the names of the clique members, let alone the links to their profile pages.

I won’t be too sorry if this means FBG is jettisoning the clique idea; several of my friends who joined my clique no longer play anyway.

Please can you do a bug report if you haven’t already?

I’d still like to see the expanded clique system FBG were talking about appear eventually, but they had zero real functionality even when they worked, so I can see how updating and expanding them would be a low priority, and I’d just as soon or sooner see other content worked on.

I was never terribly fussed by the clique idea, tbh, so I agree with Sir Fred - I’m happy it’s on the back-burner while FB work on other content :)