Rattlings in the Cranium

There are a couple snippets of lore, revealed in-game, that really stuck with me weeks later.

What are some memorable things, either read of achieved, that you experienced?

  • Meeting The Guests for the first time.

  • Carillon. It has tons of thinly-veiled descriptive word choices regarding the origins of the Devils… (Not gonna use the spoiler tag because I keep messing it up. If you are in-the-know, you’ll know.) Speaking of where devils came from, wasn’t the confirmation about that removed from Fallen London?

  • Going fishing on the outer perimeter of Worlebury-juxta-Mare.

  • Seeing a Snuffer in action.

  • The other side of the gate of Avid Horizon.

I’ve been waiting for a thread like this. Some breathtaking moments for me:

First entering albion, and seeing the visual depth of brabazon blew me away. It was both awe inspiring and depressing to see such dystopian squalor, as tons of floors spiralled down into the mist. I was disappointed that london itself is less dense than that

Finding the area around the clockwork sun, the glass is amazingly rendered, applause for whatever artist painted all these floating glassbergs

Finding a well for the first time. I loved the size of it, how it doesnt even fit on a single screen

Encountering the god-fluke in the mists of worlebury (I wish there was some way to not get terror from it though)

The statue of the unknown rat. I love rodents

The inadviseably large dog and the rat brigade, two crewmembers that made me squeal

Traitor’s wood. All of it. The breathtaking vastness and clarity of the forest spread out below, going on for miles in every direction

The sunless sea around avid horizon. I was completely caught off guard and bamboozled by that.
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My personal favorite: a work of fiction within Sunless Skies alludes to the hilarious conclusion that the devils, after all this time, never actually found a use for souls.

There is evidence that supports this conclusion in Fallen London, so perhaps truth is stranger than fiction in this case. Or fiction is stranger than fiction-in-fiction?