Ratmas 2018 - A Ratsending Shall Not Be Postponed

Hello Delicious Friends!

I’ve been away from the forums for a little while, but the Christmas season has lured me back. And what’s the most important part of the Christmas season? Why, Ratmas of course!

&quotWhat’s Ratmas?&quot
If you’ve joined us this year, or managed to avoid the Ratmas spirit in previous years, Ratmas happens TODAY, the 7th of December (look, it’s past midnight GMT, it counts) and has been goin’ on since 2013 as a celebration of the most important part of Fallen London: R A T S. Started by community giant Spacemarine9 as a way to pester Alexis, this hallowed and very serious holiday involves as many of us making a nuisance of ourselves as we can and sending rats to people. Just get some rats, send 'em to a friend. That’s it.

The Official Rat-Sending Targe- I mean, Lucky Recipients are traditionally Failbetter staff, so I’ll put a list of their known accounts below. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to them, though, if you’ve got a friend or seven to whom you would like to give a murine gift. As the popular saying goes, &quotThe more (rats) the merrier!&quot

&quotHow do I join in?&quot
Ratsending is easy, and can be done from the Give A Gift card, or, if you’re a Seeker and wanna throw some additional rats into the void, from THE KNAVE OF REGRETS. If you ain’t got no rats, they’re easily found at the Bazaar for a smol cost, in Unfinished Business in Spite, or in the Department of Menace Eradication. If the RNG isn’t playing ball then you can force-draw Give A Gift from Write Letters in your Lodgings (it costs 1 Fate, but just think of the joy your little ratty present will bring).

Other acceptable gifts include: cats, surprise packages, jewels, calling cards, Christmas cards, big shiny boxes full of Fate, letters pronouncing your unconditional platonic (or otherwise) love to friends, and pretty much every other flavour of social action you can think of. If you really want to flex on somebody, send them a Rat of Glory and bestow upon them the ultimate in holiday blessings. Remember to include a festive message - such as &quotYOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE ENCROACHING TIDE OF VERMIN&quot, or &quotI hope your Christmas presents are bursting with rats&quot - so that the recipient knows how much you care. Please don’t limit yourself to just today! Ratmas can last as long as we want it to.

That’s the spirit! These people have been workin’ thru 2018 to bring new stuff to Fallen London and to usher Sunless Skies into existence, and are all very lovely to boot, so I think they all deserve to come home to lodgings just bursting with… gifts.

In no particular order:

[ul][li]Hannah![/li][li]Paul![/li][li]Chris! or also, Other Chris! (I don’t know which one is most used)[/li][li]Olivia![/li][li]Séamus![/li][li]William![/li][li]Lesleyann! (I think Lesleyann likes rats Too Much to accept dead ones on strings, but there are many other flavours of gift!)[/li][li]Adam![/li][li]Haley! (I don’t think this is Haley’s main but I couldn’t find it; one of you must know it!)[/li][li]Henry![/li][/ul]There are other Failbetterers whose profiles I don’t know, so lemme know anyone I missed! Also: post your best rat messages, suggestions for ratting-targets and merry ratmas greetings so that as many people see this as possible. Otherwise, all that’s left to say is that I hope people join in to help us drown the Fifth City under a tide of ratty friends, and…

The Ghosts of Ratmas Past: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (1), 2016 (2) & 2017
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Why not all of them? The Season is young!

I can’t possibly send that! Being so overtly flirtatious will max out my Scandal menace in an instant! :o

Main post updated with a few additional and more up-to-date FBG accounts!

Edit: Don’t forget to check the Advent Calendar today to grab a Ratmas gift of your own!
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[color=#ff9900]so many rats[/color]

Having never experienced a Ratmas before, I plan to make up for lost opportunities. I haven’t had much use for rats in the past, but it seems I have found a purpose for my stockpile.

If I may, perhaps we should make a doc to have an official tally of how rats we have sent this Neathmas?

I am out and about right now, but if you’re volunteering then that sounds like a great idea! Otherwise I won’t be able make anything till later, and by then the day will be almost done. I trust that many rats are being sent either way; keep up the flood! <3

Just sent rats to WGoodspeed! (Adam, aka Sebastian Flyte, was “not eligible for this invitation.”)

I noticed the requirements for sending rats include that the recipient must not have any “No Longer Accepting Rats.”

… Does this quality exist solely because the community ratted FBG so much that FBG literally had to patch the game so people couldn’t rat them so much?

[quote=PSGarak]I noticed the requirements for sending rats include that the recipient must not have any &quotNo Longer Accepting Rats.&quot

… Does this quality exist solely because the community ratted FBG so much that FBG literally had to patch the game so people couldn’t rat them so much?[/quote]
Yes. This is the power of Ratmas.

Merry Ratmas!

New to the fora here! I just want to add that I have, for some poorly-defined reason, begun imitating the rat-prophet’s great manifesto (which can be found here) on Twitter: Join me for poorly-punctuated ratty ramblings if that’s the sort of thing you want to do. And if not, joyous Ratmas to you nonetheless!

If anyone wishes to give or receive rats from me, please contact The Erythreaen Chandler (yes, it’s supposed to be spelled Erythraean, I messed up).
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Thank you to everyone who sent rats and humoured me/honoured this ancient and august tradition. Keep sending rats, keep sending love, but I’m gonna go to sleep.

<:3~~ squeak

The Constables, mailmen, and chimney sweepers collapse in catatonia. They have caught rat thieves and cannoneers; ran themselves ragged under the weight of bulging sacks of rats; cleaned off rat bits from improperly delivered rats and removed fur from hard to reach places over London.

Meanwhile, people gather around the homes of nine prominent Londoners part of something called &quotFailbetter&quot. Smoke clears from rat cannons, while broken glass from rat delivery break-ins and pneumatic rat-sending litters the street. You huddle in the crowd, looking in admiration at the sacks of rats bulging from windows, drowning the residences in rats.

A man in a cloak made of rat sacking sidles up to you. &quotHowdy Rartner! I see you’re seeking rats! I too, seek rats… A tally of rats and ratly candles. Maybe we can drown in rats, then? Here, a key to that place.&quot Soon, you think you will find nothing but rats, and be nothing but rats.

There, they say, you can say the Neathliest sentence: &quotA love rat dares not say its Name.&quot

(This is a place for tallying how many rats were sent on this day)
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Does anyone have a problem with adding new contacts via the gift card?

Yes, but then I have had problems for a while.

I also get the message &quotYou have reached the contact limit of 200.&quot However, I have gotten that message while &quotadding&quot people for the sake of sending a Christmas card, and the card goes through anyway.

Rats! Delightful, delightful rats! I shall receive and send as many as possible(hopefully)!