Rat Sending Simulator 2015

Ever wanted to send rats to your friends in a safe, caring environment with no risk of being stabbed, shot, humiliated or all of the above? Now’s your chance! Brought to you by Ratco, Rat Sending Simulator 2013 allows you to truly simulate the exciting experience of gifting rodents to a friend. Built on the Storynexus engine, the Simulator features exciting features such as:

[ul][li]Rat sending! Send rats to a friend, and get notifications when they receive them![/li][li]Rat Points! Accumulate Rat Points by sending rats, and then spend them![/li][li]Prizes! All the prizes are rats except for two of them![/li][li]Gambling![/li][li]Wells![/li][li]Rat gangs![/li][li]A plot written between the hours of 12AM and 4AM![/li][li]Actually, no plot![/li][li]The writing hours still apply.
[/li][li]Strange metaphysics![/li][li]Flooding![/li][li]Vending machines![/li][li]Rats![/li][li]Literally no concept of game balance!
[/li][li]Something vaguely similar to a certain storyline in a certain game![/li][li]Absolutely No Plagiarism![/li][li]Optional Death![/li][li]Rat Royalty![/li][li]Grants![/li][li]Vague amounts of Comedy ™!
[/li][li]Lots of exclamation points![/li][li]A Finished Subplot!
[/li][li]At least one storylet![/li][li]Inconsistent Capitalisation![/li][li]A Better Ending than Mass Effect![/li][li]Misuse of the Living Story function![/li][li]Misuse of Social Acts![/li][li]Possible future Rat Expansion?
[/li][li]And much, much more! Really much much more! I can’t stop adding things![/li][li]I’m out of control!
[/li][/ul]Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Any coincidences are a result of shadowy governmental fiddling from corporations such as the Illuminrati and Majestic Rat.

Play the video Game Sensation that everyone’s talking about inside my head here! If the voices which govern my every whim say it’s good, then it must be good!

why is it always four in the morning when i do these things. always

Incidentally, if something’s horrendously broken or i’ve made some colossal grammatical, typographical or gamebalancological mistake somewhere please yell at me in some form. i’m not even sure if anyone is going to play this but i poured my heart, soul and waning strength into it. i hope you like rats
also you can maybe post your usernames in here if you want somewhere to share usernames so you can share rats with each other and get those Rat Points

Just listen to these glowing words of appraisal from our satisified customers!
&quotThe Citizen Kane of Ratsending&quot – Saint Arthur (Totally not me)
&quotwho the hell is this&quot – The President of the United States
&quothualguhlughlaguhlaguhlaguhaglhglhlaughluahglh&quot – a doctor, allegedly
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This is lovely. And really disturbing.
But I have far too many Rats, and not enough people to send them too. So if you want rats (And who doesn’t?) just post here and I will oblige all of your rat needs. Well. Not all of them. Because some desires are insatiable.

Its kinda scary just how fun this is…

10/10 would rat again


incidentally i had to delete all the Rat Grant events so i could adjust the timers to be less completely useless: so if you’ve applied for a rat grant you’re going to have to apply for a new rat grant. Sorry!!! i could do the Broadcast Living Story thing but it’d be hard to discriminate between People Who Did Grants and People Who Did Not Do Grants. I mean, there’s like 20 players total but who cares

My name’s Mr Puckeridge, and I’m a rataholic. Delighted to receive any and all ratly packages. Until I have 77,777 of the things, at which point presumably I go mad and destroy myself.

Slight problem: The text after you select a grant is now inaccurate.

Not any more!

This is really entertaining and I’m enjoying it. I like the card where you get to be a \Cle-errrrrr a Clerk.

I’m just Cameo this time (no fancy punctuation or hoity-toity character names!) and I am looking forward to rat.

I think my avatar is thematically appropriate here, although a bat is not, in fact, a rat.
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I’m Little The, because I have no originality in selecting names. Send away.

(Also, this is nitpicky, but you did ask to point out typographical errors: I believe I have heard that it’s better to write &quotokay&quot than &quotok&quot. I’m not sure of the grammatical validity of that, but it does read better.)[li]

Edit: Oh this is hilarious. Well done. Also, the final option in the rat prizes lounge uses commas where I believe you meant to put ellipses.
[/li][li]Edit the second: The description for the first option of the card &quotRat Book&quot is missing a period.[/li][li]
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I’m circe and I didn’t take any notice of any possible typos … I was having fun accumulating rats and rat points! Nice quirky mix of cards … I will return for more.

For what it’s worth i’ve spent almost the entirety of today poking at things, improving some stuff and adding loads of cards to the Rat Acquisition Deck. There’s still almost no real reason to use it, because sending rats and then trading in with Rat Points is more efficent, but I don’t really care because this is a dumb self-parody joke game with no semblance of balance.
However! There are now Intriguing Subplots and Special Items which can be gotten from opp cards! Excitement! Procure a rat bee! Talk to a well! Further a quest!
TODO NOTES: exciting egg simulation, making Kingship less terrible, adding more than five items and one quality

Ahem. The New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors is completely OK with OK. Okay is also OK, but not if you’re already using OK. However, ok or Ok is not OK. OK?

I am neither a writer nor editor and I think maybe letting the occasional ok pass is perfectly ok, OK, Ok and Okay. Possibly. I don’t think I’m going to get shot for it, yet.
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I’m notyourleo, and I like rats. Rat for Rat maybe.

Limited time only! Win 3 Horrendous Brews, which you can use for Purposes. And Cooking, once I get some things finished. For now, you can drink it. Or you can Not Drink It. That is up to you.
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I’m amused. Sort of curious about the analytics to see how much rat-sending you’ve caused.

Two questions about The Well Card:

[spoiler]The 77,777 rat option was locked even though I had many more rats than that. Did I miss a 7, or do I need exactly that many rats?

Also, the 7777 option didn’t take my rats. Is that intentional?[/spoiler]

The option should be locked if you have Seeking a Tally greater than 0: all it does is give you Seeking 1 anyway. To get Seeking 2, look for the Ratstitution card. I thought it was the Rat Book but that was actually just a joke option whoops. still, i changed some things so now either card works! yay!
As for the second thing, that is A Bug and is now squashed. Thankings! Please enjoy your seven free brews at no rat cost

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