Rat melancholy.

I’ve been living with the Albino Rat for a good long while now, and have gotten my “Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns” up to 25. Does this quality actually do anything?

Not that I know of (even the Rat Melancholy card only requires the Albino Rat and Seeking the meaning of the Plaster Face 20). Then again, Fallen London’s a work in progress, so it is possible that something rat-related will happen in the future.

During the “Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face” story, there was a storylet unlocked with it at 5. But I think past that it’s only there for you to show off with.

Perhaps down the line when the Watchmaker’s Daughter storyline is continued, but for now, both her moping and the quality serve but naught to take yet another slot in one’s opportunity deck.

I’ve got it up to 47 for no particular reason. Maybe someday it’ll come in handy, but I’m not holding my breath. I just like all my little furry companions to know I care.