Rat Market Seasons?

Which seasons on the wiki guide correspond to which qualities?

I’m trying to figure out what to stockpile to get a Prince of Hell’s location

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The Seasons rotate on a schedule as seen here: The Rat Market (Guide)/Tables/Selling - Fallen London Wiki . Those are only for the items you can sell though.

The purchasable items (like the Location) are not on a set schedule, and are random each week. The only rule is that they can’t repeat a Wind or a Moon two weeks in a row. See here: The Rat Market (Guide) - Fallen London Wiki

So this coming weekend is Elemental Secrets because it’s Soft wind and Hard Moon. The following week can be any of the options, except for items in the Soft wind column or the Hard moon row.

Your best bet is just to stockpile whatever resources/sellable items you can easily amass and hope that when the correct combination of Wind and Moon comes up you have the resources to sell and buy what you want.

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Keep grinding for Fourth City Echoes at the Blind Helmsman’s basement.

The Reported Location costs 15625 Rat shillings = 125 Fourth City Echoes. Each basement workshop run yields two Fourth City Echoes.

Unlike other items, Fourth City Echoes are always in demand every week.

Just keep checking the Rat Market every weekend, once in a while you will get it. You might find other useful items offered too e.g. Ray Drenched Cinders.

And yes, the Reported Location is the only way to get the Hell’s 5-card lodging without selling your soul for a Christmas exchange. For me, the aesthetics of the three 5-card lodgings: Brass Embassy (Hell) > Royal Bethlehem (Lunatics) > Bazaar Spire (Masters).

Actually I have all 3 5 card lodgings, I just am trying to be able to afford Virginia’s Lessons in the Heart’s Desire questline so I can make the compendium!

It won’t even use it up, which is nice, but it’s a LOOOONG grind. I’ve been going for the 4th city echoes so far, that’s the conclusion I came to too.

Probably FAR less efficient than farming Strom threnodies if I could make certain that’d be what was needed, but hey, what can you do?

Not to derail the thread too much, but wouldn’t it be more straightforward to just get it through Balmoral?

Probably! But I want my ambition finished before I build even the first railway station, as inefficient as it might be. I took a break for the Christmas stuff but am aggressively trying to finish it now haha.

I just want to be Mr. Cards before I work on the railway for thematic reasons. It is a story game after all, I figure it’s okay if I play less optimally to make my character more compelling to me.


That makes perfect sense to me!

Good luck with that project!

This I totally understand, and would even encourage other players to do the same. The Railway was written for “post-Ambition” characters and has a good number of tie-ins, and seeing those tie-ins as you’re playing makes it feel more special.