Rare Sentences as a result of Fallen Londoning

As I settled in to do my Piscine Research as part of my lab, I came to the realization that, d___, is Fallen London really the only game I know of where you can traumatize a goldfish? At least, explicitly?

That got me to thinking of other rare sentences that come about from FL, such as it being the only game where you can breed two goats literally from Hell in order to get a better class of Hell Goat.

But of course, my genius can only think of so many examples, so I would love to hear of any examples you delicious friends have thought of or come to think of.

Fallen London: Sold by Queen Victoria to Space Bats who work for a Space Crab who’s in love with the Sun.

horticultural impedimenta
a happy glow of post-prandial well-being
like the death-barge of a renegade pharaoh

… to name just a few words and expressions I would certainly never have picked up anywhere else. And of course, that most important of life lessons:

&quotNever go to jail without a pirate hat!&quot
edited by phryne on 7/12/2021

You know, when you frame it that way, it makes me look like a dashed idiot for having spent more than a decade playing Fallen London.

Rare sentences? Having a lapse of memory, I strolled over to Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival, where I encountered this choice sentence about the Rubbery Specimen in the Most Educational Anatomy Exhibition:

edited by Catherine Raymond on 7/14/2021

“Well, I’m nude, so the server’s up.”

When the server got really unstable that one time, I think after the outfit lock went in, I encountered genuinely the weirdest bug I’ve ever seen. When the server was up, I was nude. Even my destiny was unequipped! But every time I tried to put on clothes, the server went down for everyone. So I ended up looking back every so often and refreshing and that’s when I uttered that line.

The Discord enjoyed that.

&quotA breakfast will not be postponed indefinitely.&quot

You are left with uncomfortably moist undergarments, but heroism has its price.

[…]the scene where the lead is messily devoured, having been found guilty of mirror-possession.

Reflecting on my past decisions to grind Notability through repeated marriages and divorce:

&quotI’m getting married just to get favours from a space crab.&quot

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]&quot— SSOSSOFFOOROSSTH —&quot[/color]

[color=#c2c2c2]- Rubbery for &quotYou are my best friend!&quot (Assumed translation)[/color]

&quotI sent an infant to hell today!&quot