Random events triggered in storylets?

Hi there,

Firstly, apologies if I’m getting the terminology wrong, I’m very new to StoryNexus (though have been playing Fallen London and Sunless Sea on and off).

I’m drafting up a game based on busking, and one thing I’d like to happen is that while you’re busking (which would be in the form of a storylet), something random might happen. You could be visited by particular people, or an audience member might cry, or whatever. You’re not necessarily making this random thing happen (by pressing a button or selecting a card), though depending on what qualities you have you’d have a higher or lower likelihood of having someone associated with that quality visit you (e.g. if your Dangerous quality hits a certain point because of prior actions you have a higher likelihood that a Dangerous-affiliated street gang leaves you a note in your hat inviting you to meet them). The results of that random occurrence then becomes its own storylet.

Is this possible within the StoryNexus system? Or would it be more of a Sometimes card thing?

Hello! I can’t help you, but I do know of a few people who can, but they frequent the fallen london IRC more than the forums, maybe you can ask there.