Raising the "hearing things" attribute.

I need to get to the next part of the Vake. I’ll be definitely raising my dangerous, but I’m not sure how to get my “hearing things” from 2 to 4. Help please.

I believe Opportunities will arise. More if you have bottles of black wings absinth, available from an ambition-related storylet in Veilgarden (or possibly Spite).

Yes, you can raise that quality by drinking more Black Wings Absinthe and with some Opportunity cards.

Then I do the need the Black Wings after all! Earlier on this forum, people were telling me not too. :|

You definitely need it for the Bag a Legend! ambition, and it’s fun too! :)

Ok so, after two weeks I know something must be wrong, I haven’t gotten a single opportunity card for raising my &quothearing things&quot attribute from 2 to 4. And I have Black Wings Absinth and I’ve tried to drinking it by itself, it does not raise it and there are no cards anywhere to found involving drinking it. Can someone tell what the problem is?

well, for the other 3 it’s a dud item, so some people forget it can be useful- you should never drink it alone in your inventory, if i understand correctly, certainly not in the other ambitions- i learned this the easy way, thankfully. the hard way is like, 5 points suspicion and scandal each.

ah, sorry, replying to a pre-necro post. NVM:

I think you are just having a run of bad luck- I haven’t seen the urchin card this week, for instance. the RNG is random, sometimes worryingly so. good luck!

of course, if i’m wrong, there’s always support@failbettergames.com
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I have the same problem! have you solved it yet?

I have the same problem! have you solved it yet?[/quote]

I would assume if OP didn’t reply afterwards, it was because of RNG. however, I did play Bag a Legend, altough a couple years ago. I don’t remember it very well (the details and mechanics, at least), but if you want to send me a PM with the last storylet you played, I can look it up and see if I can figure it out if it’s a opportunity card or a storylet somewhere