raising Scandal?

Some things I’ve discovered deep in the Labyrinth of Tigers have led me to desire a quick trip to the Tomb Colonies. Any surefire and quick ways to head there, or should I just head off to the Palace and grind out a play? (I’m at just past POSI levels for most main stats)

Firecrackers in the thurible! Engineer an invitation to a rather decadent evening. Secure an invitation to a scandalous party from The Tower of Eyes. And if you’re at a certain point in the Big Rat storyline you can do the best thing ever: Make Echoes while attracting Scandal when you Advertise a spot of hunting. (I should really get to that…)

You could also drink Black Wings Absinthe, preferably alone. That’s quite scandalous.

If you have a fake head of John the Baptist and a high hedonism score, kissing it in public will get you there immediately, as will a threesome in court or certain options involving Flute street and spending a LOT of fate (which you probably can’t get to at the moment).

Black wings absinthe is probably your easiest option.

Oh yes… as RandomWalker said, the John the Baptist head is a way to get carted off lickety-split! If you need more hedonism, just keep chugging laudanum until you get there. Not that I, um, have any experience in this first hand, of course.

Grab a pair of stockings and a modish bonnet. Write some filthy poems for the nocturnals.

I ended up doing exactly that. It’s much easier to get up to 6 scandal than 8, and I can carve out more of a reputation at court while I do it.