Raising Notability

Myself and another recent PoSI are struggling to raise Notability. Both of us are currently 2. Finding it very hard to get Making Waves high enough to get to the &quot20 - (B+D+R) + 2*N&quot threshold in the week between Time the Healer. I’ve even have 4 pieces of Dreaded items lowering it to 24 and still I can’t get above the limit. I had my first point of Notability gifted by a kind friend. The second point I believe I got somehow through burning a lot of Fate (can’t remember how).

Advice on how to deal with this?

POSI items tend to be good for BDR. I’d recommend at least getting God’s Editors and a Club.

On top of that, look for activities and opportunities that provide a lot of Making Waves. In addition to Private Dinners, certain item conversions give you Waves, and doing Heists can give you decent Waves as well.

I found Clay Sedan Chair to be reasonably inexpensive and quick to pick up when I was a new POSI for a quick +2 Bizarre, followed by the two Sara mentions. All told, the Transportation, Affiliation, and Club we’ve cited are worth another +10(!) BDR beyond what you currently have, which makes a huge difference for those first couple of points.

Just to iterate what’s been said above: get more BDR. Getting high values for the higher tier professions is nice, but very expensive for a new POSI. If you wait until you have 10 BDR it’s a lot cheaper, and if you end up with max BDR then the first few are completely free.

If you absolutely have to get MW now, I’d probably recommend doing the 50p item carousel. Get a stack of 50 50p items (tales of terror, visions of the surface, whatever), and use the option on them to convert to another 50p item. There are 13 (I think) items in the loop, and four of the conversions give MW. It’s slow, and you’ll need to do it a lot of times if you need mountains of MW, but it might work if you just focus on that.

In all honesty, it’s not worth it. Get BDR: Gods Editors, your club, the gear you can buy from the bazaar, the fate-locked stuff if you can afford it, and notability becomes much much easier.

Get the BDR POSI items - club; God’s Editors and some Transport. Add any BDR gear you can afford to buy from the Bazaar. If you have the RL money for Fate-locked stories the Velocipede Squad and getting the pet from the Theological Husbandry (and Flute Street) can be useful. There are some other Fate-locked items you can get at the Feast of the Exceptional Rose as well.

As for MW themselves - item conversions can be useful. You can loop the side conversions and should get reasonable MW from that. I think that converting the higher tier mysteries (Tales of Terror; etc) are good. You get MW from completing things like short stories and expeditions (not much but every little helps). I have heard that the Polite Invitation can be good. As can cashing in Nights on the Town on the Tower of Sparrows (not as good as it used to be as you no longer go back to the card). There are several things that give a cp of MW - if you have the wine to convert to honey visiting the Honey Dens gives 1cp, slow but not reliant on cards.

Of course once you get to higher Notability being able to cash in on a Salon or Orphanage will be very helpful

Thank you all for your advice. Focusing on getting PoSI items and it’s helped immensely. Joined a Club and God’s Editors and got my Notability to 3 last night.