Raising "Heartless"

Hey there.

My character’s Heartless quirk is currently at 10. How do I increase it past this number? I’ve tried to be as heartless as I can, but I doesn’t seem to work (the quirk doesn’t change because &quotit’s higher than x&quot - usually x is 4). I know of a card on the Unterzee (I think it’s &quotShe’s going down!&quot), but it doesn’t seem to show up to me anymore since the quirk got to 10. Could be my luck, but anyway.

Thanks in advance!

The only way to raise heartless past 10, that I know of, is fate locked (you have to be a spirifier).
There are non-fate-locked ways to raise it to 15 (quirk polishers), but they require that it already is higher than 10 (12?).

That’s the best way I know, too. Spend some fate to begin the Soul Trade storyline, and grab yourself a piece of fancy cutlery (pocket-watches are overrated) and eventually you’ll have trouble keeping your Heartless below 10!

Borrowing moon-pearls from the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer (which requires your Acquaintance with her to be 5 or more, and resets it to 0) can raise your Heartless over 10.