Raising Dangerous

I’ve recently started paying attention to Dangerous, then I coincidentally crossed Watchful 100 and started my path to becoming a PoSI. The thing is, Dangerous is a pain in the ass to raise and it currently lies at 58, 59 if you don’t count the effect of clothing. Are there any options to grind or raise Dangerous appropriately?

First, the ring-fights at Watchmaker’s, second the Black Ribbon at the Docks. There are a lot of opportunities to grind Dangerous at the Docks. A few sparring bouts and a mentor would help, too. How far advanced are you in Making Your Name (Dangerous)?

– Mal
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Solo method: Grind the storylets in Watchmaker’s Hill. Of note is the Jack cases but unless you’re planning for Revolutionaries Connection, I don’t think this carousel is good money or Dangerous CP.

Social method: I suggest you consider this route until you’re able to access the Docks. Invite players to a sparring bout (both my characters are available) and then use the Hard-earned Lessons that you get from said actions to increase Dangerous through the Strength of Scars.

New alt, eh, Pyrodinium? It ought to check in with the Young Turks club.:)

– Mal

I recommend getting some training from the Tomb-Colonists on their faction card, and also from the Docks faction card, though that’s not as good. And for such a low level of Dangerous you can also take advantage of the “Tough” training profession until you hit 71.

[quote=malthaussen]New alt, eh, Pyrodinium? It ought to check in with the Young Turks club.:)

– Mal[/quote]

It’s more of an RP character (haven’t fleshed out his/her/it’s personality yet though) but sure, I’ll check that thread out.

This one is pretty long, but if your Name Scrawled in Blood quality is 3 or above, it’s pretty effective at getting your dangerous to unmodified 100, so do read on.

At Watchmaker’s Hill is the storylet Making Your Name: The Fighting Rings. Each rings give you extra Dangerous CPs up until a certain level:
The Ring of Meat: gives 20CP dangerous up to level 60, costs 100 rostygold (1.00 echo)
The Ring of Roses: gives 25CP dangerous up to level 70, costs 5 tale of terror (2.50 echo)
The Painted Ring: gives 30CP dangerous up to level 80, costs 3 presbyterate passphrase (7.50 echo)

Now, what you want to do is to grind the ring of meat repeatedly until your dangerous reaches 60, at which point it will no longer give bonus CPs. So, you simply unequip any dangerous equipment, and repeat until your UNMODIFIED dangerous is 60. AND THEN, you equip a TALKATIVE RATTUS FABER (buy it at the bazaar) plus any other dangerous reducing items, and you grind the ring of meat again and again until you reach level 60 even with all your stat reduction gear.

Don’t take off those gears yet! The ring of meat gives you tale of terrors, so you should have enough to grind through the ring of roses until it stops giving extra CPs. Then you proceed to the painted ring until it also stops giving bonus CPs.

Do this correctly, and you’ll hit Dangerous 100 soon enough. Do take care of any wounds, though. Wish you luck!

Thank you, everyone! I’m already in Wolfstack Docks but I haven’t done anything in Making My Name there. I will try following your recommendations and hope it works!

Using the talkative Rat in the Ring of Meat works a right treat. But you need a lot of Rostygold for the entry fees. Fortunatley, I killed the Vicar in the Black Ribbons before I went, which netted me a not-inconsiderable sum of gold.

– Mal

[quote=the truthseeker]Yeah, grinding the Fighting Rings/Black Ribbon should easily move your Dangerous to 100+ as noted. Eventually, when you finally finish acquiring animals for Mr. Inch (Procurer of Savage beasts at 5+) you will gain entry to the Labyrinth of Tigers and that really will increase your Dangerous.[li]
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When do I unlock this storylet/venture?

Making Your Name: Dangerous 5 in the Docks. First you have to deal with some spiders…
That’s for the Black Ribbon. I don’t know about Mr Inch yet.

– Mal
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The Labyrinth of Tigers is the next step after hunting to build up A Procurer of Savage Beasts.

I appreciate all the help. I’ve already reached 60 and am currently working on reaching 60 while equipping the Talkative Rattus Faber, but it’s pretty goddamned pricy.

The rat you want is the cheapest one - 0.80 echoes.

The way challenges give CP, you want to have the highest chance in whichever range of CP gain. For example, successes from 71% to 90% give two CP (failures give less, in this case only one CP) so it’s ideal to take actions with a 90% success chance. The moment you reach a 91% chance it only gives one CP so the goal is to swap equipment as you level to stay at the ideal value for whichever action. Of course, if you can’t reach that ideal spot on a particular challenge you can always try for the ideal spot on the previous range for much greater gains on success but a worse chance.

I’m at wounds 6, and currently grinding The Fighting Rings. I’ve found “Deal with Unfinished Men” gives rostygold for free, which pisses me off since I spent about 60 echoes on rostygold, but it’s all good.