Raising Bizarre?

I’m currently trying to obtain the right-hand side of the map from the Enterprising Astronomer. But with my Bejeweled Cane and my Rubbery Euphonium, my Bizarre is only +2. This makes the challenge a high-risk one, and I lose my Zee-Stories either way. Aside from the Overgoat, which I am nowhere near able to purchase, is there any other way to raise this stat? I’ve already failed once, and if possible I’d like slightly better odds before I attempt it again.

Moderately cooperative clothes-colony (Polythreme)
Dilmun Club Lapel badge (need to be in the Dilmun Club, so a high acquaintance with his amused lordship and some Gates of the Garden… cards, I think?)
Iron Republic Journal (circular logic!)
Unfinished Hat (polythreme)
Some of the Connected… pets, don’t know which ones specifically.
Bifurcated Owl (scientific expedition, and ALL THE ANIMALS)

PoSI items: Clay Sedan Chair (+2!)

Don’t forget the Young Stags Club!

I know a few more - The zubmarine is +1 bizarre as are 3 pets I know of (the connected pets you pick up at Watchmaker’s Hill) The one I know is the preening Macaw - connected Hell. I think the others are the Hungover Terrier and Bandaged Raven.

And I just did a quick search on this board. I see references to
A Clay Sedan Chair gives +2 bizarre,

Bifurcated Owl: Dreaded +1, Bizarre +1
Boneless Consort gives +3 Bizarre

I’m sure we could find more deeper in the threads - I just skimmed them for a few ideas for you.

Hm, a number of those I can’t get until I arrive in Polythreme, which is what I need the map pieces for. ^^;

Where does one become part of the Dilmun Club? And how does one go on a scientific expedition? (I feel silly asking questions I think someone else must have asked, but there’s no search function in the forum to look through previous threads.)
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The Dilmun Club storyline is available through the Seekers of the Garden card. Some waiting will be involved…
The Bifurcated Owl and Boneless Consort are only available via Fate-locked storylines.

Since the Rubbery Euphonium already uses your Pet slot, and the Iron Republic Journal uses the same slot as your Bejewelled Cane, your best bet is the Young Stags club and the Clay Sedan Chair - both PoSI items and a bit grindy.

you can also travel there via “A Ticket to Polythreme” storylet in the Docks.

I used the appropriate Affiliation Pet, Bejeweled Cane and the Moderately cooperative clothes-colony(buy Battered Grey Overcoat prior to departing).

list of links :)




You need the map to get on the Ticket to Polythreme if I remember correctly.

Note that joining the Dilmun Club won’t help your Bizarre if you already have the Cane. Neither will the Iron Republic Journal, as they’re all weapons. Pets aren’t worth getting either, if you already have the Rubbery Euphonium.

Your best bet is probably getting the Clay Sedan Chair and a membership with the Young Stags’ Club, which is worth another +4 Bizarre in total. The Zubmarine also gives +1 Bizarre, but acquiring it takes forever.

No, you just need the 150 map scrap.

Things to think about, definitely. Thanks for all the input! I’ve put off zailing just yet-- I’m still not a PoSI and I haven’t been forcibly ejected from either the Court or the University, so there’s still plenty to do around London. ^^