Raising An Intimate of Devils ?

The question is in the title. How can you raise this quality ? I lost it long ago - I don’t know how - and now I got it again. Of course only at 1, and the thing I want need this quality to be at least at 10…

Can some of you, delicious friends, help me ?

You can’t raise it if your soul is stained, unfortunately.

Oh. My… ok. It’s sad. Thank you for the answer. Seeking is definitely painful. x)

these are the sacrifices we must make

If it’s any consolation, the Green-Eyed Devil has the same stats, only needs Connected: Hell 3 and looks like Robert Downey Jr. to boot

It’s not about stats. It’s about… you know. It’s the Quiet Deviless ! She’s been a very important character for me in the game =D I remember how I was wondering about her and the devils… n_n’ She’s sort of a “mascotte” of the game, for me.
edited by Emain Ablach on 2/22/2013