Raising a quality from 0 to 1 with an equip?

I just wanted to check before I go tearing through all of my cards to fix this…

When the player equips a weapon, their “Armed” circumstance is increased by 1. I’ve noticed that Armed isn’t going up when I equip a weapon that increases it by 1.

Is this because Armed is starting at 0?

My solution for this is to give the player an “Armed” quality at one and and make storylets recognize the player as armed if it’s greater than 1, but this seems a little awkward…I suppose I will name level 1 “unarmed” and level 2 “Armed”.

Is there a quality category that can go from 0 to 1 and back based on an equip?

I’m also having this problem, but I’ve since submitted this as a bug because this behaviour is fairly unexpected (ie it was working before but now it ain’t) and unintuitive. If it is really going to be working in the way you just described, I’m probably just going to throw my hands up into the air and call it a day because the sheer number of cards I’m going to have to change will kill me.

This is a bug, chaps. With luck it’ll be fixed today.

This is working in my game now, thank you Alexis!