quote usage?

Are quotes allowed as part of the games? Such as “The game is afoot” or “I’m mad, you’re mad, we’re all mad here.” Or lines from a poem? Credit given where due, of course. I’m playing with a game idea that involves a lot of books as part of the gameplay. I get that placing the character in a Sherlock story is a no-go, but what about the character reading a Sherlock story? Just as an example.

Not speaking for the devs, obviously, but quotations and references are freely used in most every medium. Not to mention that both Alice and most of the Sherlock stories are public domain at this point.

[color=#009900]If a quote is under copyright, then you need to make sure that the rights holder is OK with it - we can’t make a call on that.[/color][color=#009900]
[color=#009900]I believe Alice is in the public domain in the UK- I believe there is some dispute over whether Holmes is (I’ve no idea of the rights and wrongs of it).[/color]
[color=#009900]EDIT: the specific Holmes quote you mention is Doyle quoting Shakespeare anyway. :)[/color]
edited by Alexis on 4/2/2013