Quirks Polishers

[color=#0066ff]Are you a late-game player with a strong idea of your character’s personality? Have you made an impulsive decision that’s reduced a key Quirk? All is well! [/color]
[color=#0066ff]We have provided costly but intriguing options that allow you to act potently in-character, adjusting high-level quirks… while glimpsing fragments of a larger narrative. Find them on the Connected items that can be purchased at the Bazaar.

These are only available to very late-game players (250+ in a stat).[/color]

… Drinking contest with a ballerina… 250 dangerous ?.. Oh my…
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As far as I can see (haven’t checked them all yet) you need 12 of the quirk to be able to use these options. I might be wrong but I think most quirks are capped at 10 now. So, unless you were playing pre-cap, not many of these can be used.

Interesting: these consume the Connected item and can raise a Quirk if it’s between 12 and 14. Which is interesting in part because there are very few ways (especially repeatable ones) to raise a quirk above 10, and several of those go up to 15 just like these items.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of current ways to get Subtle, Ruthless, Heartless, Daring, or Forceful to 12 that don’t get locked off?

You can still get Magnanimous to 15 if you’re a Shepherd, and Hedonist to 15 via laudanum. Plus Melancholy, if I’m not mistaken, with Tears of the Bazaar. I’m not sure where the Iron Republic caps end up at this point, especially the Fate-locked one.

Worth noting that the +Hedonist -Austere option on the Slowcake’s Exceptionals item also costs all your Notability, minimum of 3.

A crate of laudanum is probably cheaper, if more unsavory.

Mild excitement. Might take a look at this at some point.


[color=#009900]The mechanics of the Quirk Polisher are there for a very specific strategic reason. As we continue to adjust Quirks, they’ll function more effectively to track your character’s actions, and it’ll be harder to manipulate them. So we wanted a method of last resort already in place to help out late-game players who lose a treasured Quirk point. They have a very aggressive stat / Notability requirement to prevent them from being used carelessly by players who won’t benefit.[/color]

[color=#009900]The fiction’s there because I had a long plane trip and I rarely get to write anything these days. Enjoy![/color]

Spirifiers can get Heartless to 15.
Nadir can get Melancholy to 15 eventually (it’s one of the fate locked options).
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Is there a way to raise Steadfast? Going through the entire Velocipede Squad reform procedure only got me to 11, and a very high level of it would seem appropriate for the Destiny I have in mind for my character.

Apropos, best information on the Wiki indicates that the Iron Republic caps are 10, and there’s no indication they improve either Steadfast or Heartless.


Well, I have in fact bought a crate of laudanum, and &quotQuite the enthusiast!&quot is now capped at Hedonist 10. As soon as I get back from death’s door I’ll finish ruining my Austere see if Laudanum Habit 8 has been nerfed too.
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So is this limited to a few of the connected items? I notice that the guide to the orient book doesn’t have a new option, though the ones for the docks, constables, society, great game, and urchins do. (and I haven’t got any of the other items.)[li]

Is it maybe the idea that you could (very expensively) cycle through several quirks. So you only need to get one of them above 12 and then you sort of side-convert

No, these raise qualities that you already have at 12 and tank others.

This is exactly where I am. Except for Melancholy my favorite quirks are all in the 9-11 range, and I don’t think there are any increases that are capped at 12.

So I’m just here to confirm that laudanum no longer works; even at Habit 8 it’s capped to Hedonist 10.

[removed baseless, snarky lashing out]
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I went on a shopping spree and bought all the connection items I didn’t have, only cost one Primaeval Hint (and a few Antique Mysteries), I can confirm that O’Boyle’s Practical Primer (the widow’s connection item) is the only one that doesn’t have a quirk option on it.

EDIT: I sold an Elemental Secret, not a Primaeval Hint. Got them confused, same art and all. Whoops
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These are unusable to most &quotnew&quot players (including someone like me, who’s played for a year, and has multiple POSI characters with capped stats) for most quirks, because we have no real way of getting most quirks above 10.

Kind of a shame, that. Because this seems very cool.

It’s also funny; it hammers in how I don’t feel quirks are really relevant to me as a player in a positive way, despite thinking they are very cool, because they largely function to prevent me from taking actions if I want to keep them up. There are very few actions that increase quirks past low levels, and an incredible number that nuke quirks no matter how high their level.

[EDIT: For clarity, the above complaining was because the high excitement I had reading this topic followed by almost comedic disappointment reminded me of my ongoing frustration on the situation. Sorry for all the extra text! :P]

But hopefully this is merely an oversight and all will be well, especially given the mention of ongoing quirk tweaking (and the oddity of announcing it to the player base without mentioning that only veterans and those with access to certain fate-locked content will be able to use portions of it for now).

This seems conceptually very, very cool, and I am excited to hopefully make use of these new options at some point. (Hell, I’m actually tempted to make use of them on purpose – because delicious text. I do have some quirks that I could play with…)
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Actually, I realise these would be perfect. As most of us know, there’s a readily available plethora of choices that can increase one’s quirks up to 10, a scant few repeatable options to increase your quirks beyond that.

The mentioned choices above that do increase quirks up to 10, about 95% of them decrease their polar opposite (Hedonist-Austere, Subtle-Forceful, Daring-Melancholy, Magnanimous-Heartless, although, Steadfast and Ruthless seem to be exempt from this). These new quirk options on the connection items basically do the same thing but from 12~15. If a new set of options (or previous ones modified) that function in the exact same way between 10~12 were created, that’d be amazing. Perhaps options on each connection’s card? That function with Closest To? That’d be a start anyways, I personally think if quirks being limited by who you’re Closest To would be a bad thing.

But if being Closest to simply made things easier to get your quirks inside that range… I can see that working brilliantly.

I have absolutely no idea what the Quirk system is going to look like once this long game of reformation is complete! I have faith that it will work, and probably more functional than their present role, but I have no idea how!