Quickest way to (Reliably) get Primaeval Hints

To those more familiar with Primaeval Hints, I would like to know what the quickest way to reliably come into possession of them is. I know that I can convert Antique Mysteries to get them, and that they can occasionally also be found on expeditions in the forgotten corner (Though I don’t know which expedition actually give them) Are there other methods I can use to get them? And of all of them, what is the quickest way to get one?
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I think Antique Mysteries would be the fastest one (especially if you are a Correspondent and have Trade Secrets stocked up). You’re fairly likely to find them if you go on a Deep Blue Heaven expedition, but it’s only about 10% of the time.

Thank you! I have a few Trade Secrets lying in reserve, so it seems like a perfect time to put them to use.

The penultimate reward in the Fidgeting Writer lottery includes a Primeval Hint.

Fidgeting Writer is probably the most profitable thing you can do that generates Primeval Hints, but you’re also getting a lot of other non-hint items for your actions too. Going up to the last stage of FW takes about 56 actions and 47 echoes of stuff, which is at least another 40 actions if you need to grind it in the flit. So it’s a whopping ~97 actions per hint, even though you make a lot of echoes in other goods.

The fastest way to get a lot of hints is probably to just steal Antique Mysteries in the Flit and convert them upwards. That clocks in at about 70 actions/hint, plus a little bit for maintaining Benthic connections. So the echoes/action is pretty bad, but if you’re just interested in hints you’ll get them faster.

To get a sense of the profit difference that Sackville mentions: if you put in those extra 27 actions (on average) to do it via the Fidgeting Writer and then sell the other items you earn you’ll make 87.5 echoes in the process of generating one Primaeval Hint. (Or you can keep the Bazaar Permit, Comprehensive Bribe, and Searing Enigma, if you don’t sell them.) That’s a pretty decent tradeoff for an extra ~27 actions, if you’re gambly enough to tolerate the randomness in the number of actions it’ll take.

Supposing you opt out of that and go for Ancient Mysteries via the room number at Bethlehem? You only need 4 or so I believe, but I’m not sure what effect it would have on action cost. Then again it may prove to be similar in cost or higher seeing as it’s two actions less in the Fidgeting Writer Chain.
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