Quick Question Regarding Nightmares

I seem to be having a bit of trouble with nightmares. Given that it costs rather a lot to keep them at a manageable level, I thought I might as well check out what it’s actually like to be in A State of Some Confusion while my dream levels are still low enough not to be a bother to raise again should I lose those qualities.

But it appears that I simply cannot end up in A State of Some Confusion. How exactly does that happen? Just yesterday, my nightmares reached an unprecedented level 9 and still nothing happened. And here I was quite looking forward to being endlessly confused and raving mad.

Where is your character at presently and do you have any Nightmare reduction items equipped?

you can get there more directly from the House of Mirrors at the Carnival and you can also raise nightmares up by 1 with the Sporing Bonnet.

I’m at Ladybones Road (although I was at Watchmaker’s Hill when my nightmares hit 9) and I have a goldfish equipped. I admit, I forgot about Hawkins. Should’ve removed the poor goldfish.

Still, even with Hawkins equipped, my nightmare level was 9 (which would then translate to 8, given that goldfish decrease only by one point) and I kept expecting something to happen which would get me into A State of Some Confusion.

Thanks for the tip regarding the House of Mirrors! I wasn’t very interested in the Carnival, I’m afraid; I didn’t feel like it was worth getting tickets.

Are you certain you don’t have any other equipment that modifies Nightmares equipped? Perhaps a Bejewelled Cane? At Nightmares 8 you’re supposed to go immediately.

Also, do be warned: the State of Some Confusion will decrease your Dreams–Death by Water, A Game of Chess, What the Thunder Said, all of them. If you’re not eager for that to happen, you might take this unusual opportunity to get your nightmares back under control without needing to go anywhere.

No, I don’t have anything else equipped.

Yes, I do know that, but I’d focused on What the Thunder Said. However, I haven’t gotten many dream cards and it’s still low enough that I probably wouldn’t lose much by loitering in A State of Some Confusion for a while.

that is strange… it is supposed to be automatic once you return to the Story tab area.

Obtaining a Winsome Urchin and joining in the Urchin’s “Games” in the Flit can help with more regular nightmare reduction. Opportunity card for the Urchin, random 5 Echo worth rewards for the “Games”.

I mainly use the Carnival for quickly raising my connections up. Quite handy when you need to raise something in a hurry.

I gathered it was meant to be automatic, which is why I was so confused about not being Confused. (Oh, lookit, a paradox!)

Is the Winsome Urchin solely available at the Bazaar or through an opportunity card as well? If it’s opportunity related, where do I need to be for the card to show up?

I should probably look into the Carnival a bit more.

Thanks to all of you for answering and tipping me off about some things!

you get him at the Bazaar and the opportunity card he opens up shows up anywhere in London once you have at least 1 thing of Laudanum.