Questions about storylets that don't continue

There are several stories that I’d like to continue:[li]

The Arachnologist (I killed the council and that seems to be it)
Back to the college (got the research and got back into the college, but the options aren’t there anymore)
The Empress’ court (got kicked out for an opera that I was told to write, got the foreign posting and then that’s it, can’t find my way back to court at all)

I’m working on getting two things:
A Letter Arrives (which will let me restart the Quiet deviless storyline from the beginning IIRC. Sold my soul, Intimate is at 20, in my lodgings and no letter)
MONEY MONEY MONEY (so I can get overgoated, then going across the zee to the Iron Republic)

So, any hints on getting those first three going again? I haven’t been able to do so.

I myself don’t have access to anymore College options besides a few base ones even though I was re-admitted like you. A shame, because I went through a lot of trouble for it.

Yeah, I know. It took a heck of a lot to get that research done up, and you couldn’t send off notes to a friend to do it for you, I mean it was like 500 actions or something total, plus the money, plus the grinding… and I bought nex so I could have extra actions, and still only have &quotColleague with a problem&quot and &quotTalk to the Committee&quot as the base items. Have &quotresearch on the idol&quot but that’s part of the storylet, and then there’s &quotShadowy Dealings&quot which I can’t do because I finished Jack of all Smiles, and I only have two leathery hearts and the only way to get THAT is through the &quotdefend the clay men&quot option in the Jack story in Watchmakers…

So I’m stuck.

Honestly, I’ll be a happy man if the team ever gets around to finishing the Ambitions… but that may be a long way off.

I don’t think you can get the letter to restart the Intimate of Devils storyline if it’s at 20. It may have been possible in the past, but the text assumes that you gave it off to someone else.

I assume a lot of these storylets are waiting for big content unlocks to continue, i.e. the Carnelian Coast, NORTH, etc. Once those places become available, I’m sure we’ll see a huge burst of continuing storylets.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to working with the Dilmun Club once they’re ready to set me off someplace we can’t currently get to. ^^ I have an inkling about what the next big content might be, but anything is fine. If I had to guess I’d say right now Failbetter is probably concentrating on preparing Storynexus for Fallen London and will push out some big content after that.

There’s a thread here that talks about that the only way is to get that Intimate quality at 20, and then lose your soul, get the letter and that resets the quality to 0. From reading that, I guess its still relevant, I haven’t seen anything saying it’s not. But now I’m worried.

I’ve posted in that thread. One of the other users in that thread states that they’ve never seen that card, and they have Intimate of Devils 20. One thing to note is that you don’t have to be in your lodgings to draw it. I used to flip cards in the Labyrinth of Tigers during a certain part of SMEN, and it came up every now and then.
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Oh. I must have misread it then. sigh

Okay, so now I’m just hosed all over. Nothing left but to throw myself into the zee and hope that my Quiet Deviless rescues me.

You might not be able to experience the story all over again, but you could still be able to get her as a companion. Right now the Loquacious Vicar offers a way to acquire her, and while you probably finished that a while ago there could be another way in the future.

All I get from him these days is tea and tales of terror. I can grind money faster other ways. sigh

Seriously OOC, thanks Sara.

Always happy to assist. :) I wish you luck in getting her.

There’s a few “Impossible!” boundaries wot I’m interested in seeing the continuation of, especially the Dilmun Club.

Also, agreed that it’d be awesome to see more options at the University. I was pleased enough to be re-instated, but now there seems to be not much to do. I guess they still view me with some suspicion. :)

There are a lot of storylines and mechanics we’ve been promised there’ll be more of - the Numismatrix and the Factions; the Dilmun Club; the University; the Inner Coils of the Labyrinth; the Watchmaker’s Daughter; so on and so forth. We’ll get them sooner or later, barring some disaster, and I’d rather see them done well than done soon, so I can wait if I have to.

There are other storylines that it’s a bit unclear if we’ll see any more of. Arachnology is one, as Ms Phillip observes - that reappears in the House of Chimes, but I’m not sure what else it’s good for, if anything. Detecting is another - as I’ve posted elsewhere, there are three major detection stories (Solving Cases Around London; The Implacable Detective’s Card; The Honey-Addled Detective,) none of which tie into the others. They’re all a little disappointing, too - the Implacable Detective’s Card was an early experiment in mechanics; Solving Cases ends abruptly after the first case segues into visiting Flute St, and it’s entirely possible to have completed the Honey-Addled Detective’s cases without having earned any Case-Notes (by completing them before they were added as a reward,) or to have earned a disproportionate number of them by repeatedly dropping cases.

If I recall, Arachnologist had a minor effect in the Festival of the Exceptional Rose, and I think there were a couple of different storylines that had important continuations during the brief Sunlight event at the end of the Festival. Perhaps some of these stories will only be continued that way? (I hope not, as I’d miss out on a lot of them since I still have a lot more to uncover in Fallen London before I could participate, but it is a possibility, and it’s LEAGUES better than no continuation at all…)

Arachnologist let you send a Luxuriantly Coiffed Sorrow-Spider to others. No story was progressed through the Sunlight event, though you could turn in your lacre quality for a Dreadful Surmise as well as upgrade your Dark-Carapaced Crustacean.

I thought that something of the Clathermont storyline was also advanced–that’s how we learned that


was/is related to the Clathermonts.

Speaking of that Dark-Carapaced Crustacean, where could I find the original version? Is it post-PoSI content?

Flipz Not POSI. You could get a Dark-Carapaced Crustacean by feeding Lacre (from the Twelve Days of Mr Sacks) to another pet. I believe it has been said that there will be other methods for getting one but I am not holding my breath:)

No, the Clathermont storyline was definitely not advanced. Not in a game mechanic sense anyway.