Questions about Lost in Reflection's option gains

At this point in Reflecting on July,A number of options appear, such as Return the whole mirror to July、Smash the mirror、Sell July’s location to the Masters of the Bazaar、Sell July’s location to February,Is there a difference in what you can ultimately get with these options? If so, what exactly is it? For the other, is there a way to bring July back to her senses?

Not clearly. Most of the options, if not all of them, feature text that is ambiguous enough to suggest things don’t look good for her, but who knows… stranger things have found their way back from Parabola.

You can still get her as a companion from Mr Chimes’ Lost & Found anyway, no matter which option you take.

I have no records about the material rewards of the different choices, sorry.

I have her on my railway board. She’s not the most grounded person.

Here’s the link to the community post for Lost in Reflections. I believe it includes some discussion of the outcomes, although my shallow attempt at perusing didn’t directly find them listed.