Question on Making your name: Wars of Illusion

I’ve been working my way through the Making Your Name plotlines, and I have access in the flit to actions related to this, but they haven’t unlocked yet. Is there anything I can or should do to get access to the wars of illusion?

You want the Heights of Chicanery. The first two options of both Tricks of the Courier’s Trade and Shadowing Couriers have a chance of giving/raising the quality. Do that and you’ll open up the storyline.

Also note that unlike other locations, Mahogany Hall does not unlock as you progress the story. You will have to purchase access with an unreasonable number of various stage props.

Also to note: Raising the quality is a rare chance when you do Tricks of the Courier’s Trade and Shadow Couriers. It may take you a while if RNG is not in your favor.

It is not that bad - after all, Making Your Name already waived the previously costly unlock for other locations.

Thank you all!