Question: does the Neathbow carry over?

If my character dies having found all but two of the colors from the Neathbow, if he dies will the Curator remember the colors, or will he toss them and have the new character get all of them for him again?[li]Edit for question mark.[/li][li]
edited by treichle on 12/11/2014

Given that the neathbow reward itself does not transfer, I would bet that it’s a start-over situation.

[/li][li]It’s a start again job every time I’ve done it, no matter what legacies you choose.[/li]

Which is really a good thing, since several colors are quite easy to get and give useful rewards. The hardest colors aren’t something you’d be getting quickly on a new character anyway, even with legacy boosts, so it’s much better starting over each time.

If I had the opportunity to carry Viric over every life, I would take it. This is my third life where I’ve visited every open island and yet STILL CANNOT upgrade the magician or get Viric at all no matter how many times I go back to VEnderbight.

This is an issue for me as well. Truly, I find the rest of the Curator Quest entertaining enough to be repeated each time I have a new captain, but the story is always the same – and the getting the start of the magician quest is a bit of a pain.
Still I think it only needs to be tweaked a bit – once it’s sorted out, I think it adds a lot of flavor and strategy.
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