Question about something in Clathermont's Tattoo

So, I’ve been slowly working on the Visiting Clathermont’s Tattoo Parlor storyline. I just got it up to 8 and at the bottom is said “This Strand Will Continue Soon”. Is this my first hit up against the Content Wall, or should I continue to look for more cards to continue it?

The development team hasn’t finished the story yet, but you haven’t quite reached the end of what they have so far yet. The cap for that story is 9 right now. The story continues (but only a little) in Wilmot’s End.

Wilmot’s End? Is that a place or a card, cuz I don’t recognize the name as a place.

It’s a place. Keep playing and you’ll eventually hear of it.
You’ll need to have a Shadowy of at least 110 and to have completed the Cheesemonger storyline.

Ah. My Shadowy is around 75 right now, before modifiers. Guess it’ll be a while before I get there :)