Question about officer spawn rate

Does anyone know what actually triggers new officers being available for recruitment in FL? Or if there is a maximum amount you may have before they stop appearing. Reason I’m asking is because it’s been a couple of hours since I had one pop up(just regular sailors), and I’m still lacking the magician.

As long as you have the new visitors quality, I think it’s only a matter of luck.

Then I must simply have very bad luck…

The RNG of Sunless Sea is probably in relation with the Fallen London one =/

Speaking of Officers, will they spawn a second time if you loose them? Since…


…my Magician decided to fling himself over board before I had enough mirrors to dream with him in the Forgotten Quarter, thus ending his story.

Plus, off-topic what is flensing and does it work already?

Can’t answer the Magician question.

Flensing definitely works - you need a harpoon firing weapon, causes more damage to beasties than a regular attack. It also kills crew and causes some hull damage to pirates. You need to have a harpoon gun equipped to be able to use them though.

Thank you Lady Ciel, after trying it I must say it’s a splendid way to shoot holes into the buggers directly instead of damaging the valuable ship.

Indeed I find flensing much more effective than blowing holes into the ships and I must say I am quite pleased about that it is such a hassle to have to be changing weapons dependent on where you are going and which enemies you might encounter.

When it comes to officers, even if you are looking for a specific one, hire anyone you come across (even if you don’t like them). This keeps them from interfering in the appearance of your desired officer, that and you may as well collect them all.

To answer my own question: Yes, Officers do respawn at London so you can hire them a second time. Because, huzzah, my Magician just made a beautiful reapereance into my ranks, he probably walked home on the Zeefloor since death is boring and quite cheap in the Neath. And all that without the usual Drownie-attitude.

Yeah, I’ve rehired the Magician after he leapt into the ocean. Either he can swim, or, well, magic!

Huh. After I knocked off the Magician per his request, he never returned (alas).