Quest Tracking and whatnots

I would like to ask if there are plans to implement either a better quest tracker system (much like Fallen London’s Planning tab) or at least a way to put independent notes on the MAP view? It would be great not to depend on external software for tracking what needs doing where, when I cannot play the game for a couple days. Currently I am running an excel spreadsheet for the market prices, and a separate notebook for keeping track of how many and what kind of items I need to deliver to the individual ports for progressing with the quests. This is rather bothersome, and I see no reason not to implement at least a basic quest tracker/planner for improved player experience.

I second that! It can be quite annoying to finally reach a port at the back of beyond for a quest line only to find out that I should have brought half a warehouse to finish it. Then I leave to gather the things, but there is no list of them in my journal or anywhere, so I either have to keep separate notes, or use the wiki, which takes away a lot of the fun of exploration.
I would also find it extremely useful to be able to attach notes to the map, or some other tracker system.

I would love something like this. Just last night I had some vital intelligence that I swore I needed for something besides turning in to the Admirality. I scanned my journal, then scanned the wiki and couldn’t figure out what it was needed for. So I gave it to the Admiral. THEN I go to Port Carnelian and discover that I needed it to influence affairs there.