Querent: Text Game From A Fallen Londoner

Fellow Fallen Londoner Otaara made a super fun text game called Querent.
You should check it out here:

The future of the game is discussed a bit here:

Gave it a try and found it amazing. The writing is excellent, I must say; I encourage the author to keep at it.

That’s really sweet of you, Nigel for posting, and Daydreaming for the kind words! I should have a different, self-contained story up in a few days for you to try out, too.

The interface is very smooth, it’s a pleasure to play. I still enjoy the old fashion text adventures from the olden days and chose your own adventures, too … obviously I had fun with Querent!

Just had a run through and it looks like it has tons of potential. Nice work! I’m in the midst of Margaret Atwood’s Maddadam trilogy right now, so enjoyed the near/not-so-near future aspect of the story.

Since some people seemed interested, here is another thing I did: Muffinquest by Otaara . It is extremely cute. Like, if for some reason you don’t like cute things, you should stay well away, because you would suffer an almost certainly fatal dose, but if you do like cute things, you will find much to brighten your day/evening in Muffin’s adventures.

Far too cute. Not allowed. Nope. Nohow, noway.

Seriously though, you rock.

You’re really very good at this, Victoria! I enjoyed both games immensely and hope that you’ll soon write the next part of Querent :)

Thank you! I will say, writing games is a lot more immediately rewarding than writing poetry, because way more people will play a game and say nice things about it than will read a poem. Immediately in my queue, I have a story outlined about the Machine of Death (http://machineofdeath.net/ for you sad, deprived people who don’t know what that is), but nothing big after that. Might be able to do the first big cycle for Querent, general life conditions permitting.
edited by Otaara on 12/2/2014

There seems to be a mistake in Querent. I chose the peregrine path, and the game told me that it would increase my visionary and brilliant skill. Then it told me that I now have brilliant 5, clandestine 5, empathetic 7, forceful 6 and visionary 5…
Oh, and I love it and am looking forwards to more!