Queer Souls and uses

Okay, so a issue arises.

I recently got 2 Queer souls from the Flash lay, but, well I have no idea what to do with them. i hear from a friend they APPARENTLY have uses, but I have no what these are. Can someone be so kind as o inform me (by message if it’s fate locked or something) if there is in fact any purpose to these curiosities? Also, while we are at I came across a Sllient Soul in the Calender. Same question applies.

No use for all of them.

Queer souls just came out, don’t be so impatient, delicious friend.

It’s not so much impatience but rather my friend seemed to think they were out beforehand and had uses, so i wanted to check if that was the case or not. (:

Anyway, in that case let us discuss POTENTIAL use. Accourding to the Description, it says a Connisuer Devil may pay a premium for this. maybe a more profitable option on the Sprifing option from A Trade in Souls is coming? Although I’m not sure what.

My friend who said this BTW pointed to a article on the wiki. It’s been edited since but in the edit history since october 9th it says &quotThis item has no uses that are not fate locked.&quot
edited by Kylestien on 12/17/2015

Silent Souls can be sold when De Gustibus comes around.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar for Queer Souls.

The [Queer Soul] item was available through one of the Exceptional Stories. This is mostly likely why it’s listed as Fate-locked on the wiki.

The Queer Soul was first available as an ending option to the October exceptional story. Said story revolved around a Deviless who collected rare and unusual souls, hence why a connoisseur devil might supposedly be interested. While there are indeed no free uses known, there are also no fate-locked uses known; to my knowledge the wiki always has that message for unusable items regardless of whether there is or is not fate content involving it. Since the wiki can’t include fate-locked information, the message is there regardless of actual use in case a use is later added but the fate restriction prevents anyone from updating the wiki. (Some items useable with fate do list their uses when said uses are visible without fate, such as the Hound of Heaven being usable for an indirectly fate-locked option on a scientific expedition storylet.)