Qualities don't always save?

Does anyone else find that editing descriptions/etc doesn’t always save? I press Save, and the little jquery LOADING box pops up for a second before disappearing.

It’s probably because you’re trying to add too much text - there’s a limit, alas. I’m not sure what it is.

Hm, I actually am trying to save it a few ways:

  1. Without text, just changing one of the clickable options (pyramid numbers).
  2. With a tiny amount of text.

It seems almost random, though; one time it will work, another time it won’t work.

Are there certain boxes that need to be filled in order for other boxes to save? (For example: Can I type in a description but NOT the box of how to obtain it?)

also, is there any way to delete a quality I change my mind about, just to keep my ‘storying’ area clean and uncluttered? I have some duplicates created when trying to add them initially (because they wouldn’t always save) and the duplicates trip me up.

It seems as if you’re just having random connection troubles. As far as I know, the only mandatory field is the title. It’s also worth noting that StoryNexus actually makes and saves the new quality when you first make it, before you’ve even done anything with it. It’ll have the default name of “new Quality” or something.

There’s no way to delete qualities either. I usually just rename ones I don’t need to “[not used]” and put them in a separate category where they’re out of the way. It’s always possible to reuse them as well.

Yeah, I keep a “junk” tag, and when I need to make a new quality (and remember that this is an option), I just re-use one of the junked ones.

cool, thanks for the tips! I hope that was just a bad day or two for the server; it was basically unusable at the time! I’ll dig back in.

I’m having the same trouble. Specifically the Pyramid and Social (or whatever it’s called, for multiplayer) checks won’t stay in place 90% of the time. It’s not a connection problem and seems random.

Update: this seems to be a permanent problem. It only affects two check marks, though: Pyramid and the social thing. It’s basically impossible to check them. I’ve managed to mark one Quality down, somehow, after a hundred tries, and that’s it.

They’re working fine for me…

Heck. Can this be on account of Java? I’ve been messing with Java versions I have installed.

Unlikely, but you might want to try it on a different browser or some such thing.