Put to Zee - what all resets?

I finally have a ship of my own and want to put to Zee. The storylet warns me that my progress will be reset. I am very wary. Does this include every quality under Progress? Someone is coming, Pocketful of loose change and other &quotspecial ones&quot, too? Will it touch any of my qualities NOT under the heading of Progress?

It doesn’t affect Someone is Coming or Pocketful of loose change. It does take things like fascinating, casing, dramatic tension and other things along those lines. If you are playing K&C it will take your form. It doesn’t affect where you are on certain cycles like Affair of the Box or the velocipede squad.
edited by reveurciel on 7/19/2014

Thank you, I would just rather be sure what the &quotthings like&quot are. I currently have:

Running Battle

  • A Pocketful of Loose Change
    The Hunt is On!
    Dramatic Tension
  • Someone Is Coming

The ones marked with * aren’t affected, will all of the others be reset?
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That is quite a list of ongoing things! And, as far as I know, yes you need to use those before you set to Zee or you lose them.

Thank you. I recently came back to the game so honestly, I don’t even remember what I was doing exactly with half of those. :)

And for the record, should anyone else be looking for this answer - yes, all six of those qualities did reset.