Punishing Failure for Ribcage Resizing Experiment

I am referring to this one. I have already lost three experiments with three characters with maxed-out Red Science to unlucky rolls.

At least the experiment with Impossible Theorem doesn’t culminate with an all-or-nothing roll.

The fluff text doesn’t justify the near-complete waste (you do not even get a tiny ribcage as a souvenir!), and the CP increase in Artisan of the Red Science isn’t really worthwhile when there is a more reliable experiment to get CPs.

I have sent a feedback email to Failbetter too.

Here is my suggestion for a quick and easy solution, if Failbetter really wants to retain that awful RNG roll: lower the difficulty to base 3 so as to guarantee a 100% for characters with maxed-out Red Science.

P.S. Unless, of course, the immediate end of the experiment wasn’t intended. At this time of writing, the experiment immediately leads to the Tidying Up Your Lab post-work in the event of a failure in the roll. If this was not intentional and is actually a bug, I am okay with the RNG roll staying the way it is.

UPDATE: Emily of Failbetter has responded to the email. The ending of the experiment upon is not supposed to be the case. I am going to check this. Well, back to grinding lab research. ~Sigh~.

UPDATE 2: Well, RNGeezus smiled on me this time and gave me four consecutive successes at 70% to 80% across multiple characters. I can’t tell at this time whether this has been fixed, but if someone can confirm it, I will edit the wiki entry on the outcome.

UPDATE 3: I got a character who got a failure. The bug has indeed been fixed; the character can immediately attempt the completion again.
edited by Rostygold on 7/2/2020