PSA: During the Feast you can increase your An Intimate of Devils without risking your soul

From the Feast card, look for the 0-25 Air option, A dance with devils. If you have at least level 3 of devilish intimacy, you’ll be able to increase it at an average of 0.8 CP/card.

Level 15 is the highest level you can reach without risking your soul and level 18 is your target to get rid of the devils. 51 CP does look much, but this can be done with an average of 64 cards. Because the Feast card pops 10 times more than usual, an active player can get this card about 11-12 times per day. See, in about 5 days of mad flipping and Air shuffling this goal can be reached!

As Tyrconnell mentioned over Reddit, the first card of the Intimate story is actually valuable because it provides a Church favour. Free of cost if you don’t have any Devil favours in hand! Over at the Court + Rat, this starting card is around 6.5 EPA or so. :slight_smile: Your pick!


Is it a good idea to raise your An Intimate of Devils? Unless you are trying to sell your soul?

Usually I just discarded Devil cards or sought to reduce this attribute when a card response allows for it.

This is the chance to get rid of the intimate of devils card forever. You want to keep raising the quality to 18, and you won’t be bothered by the devil’s anymore.

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Which action that changes the Airs of London for this purpose earns the most echoes?

For an option that has a chance of success over 25%, it’s certainly managed to appear only once in a dozen times so far. Still, I’m having fun with these cards. And I’m pleased that this feast, much as Hallowmas, no longer relies on social actions as much as it used to; someone who generally prefers to play alone can get at least some Masquing on their own.

If you have The Censored Census of 1862 you can use it for an average close to 2 EPA with 250 watchful while failure has 1 EPA, but no drawbacks.

Sorry for taking this long to reply, but I’m too busy on the Surface!

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