Proscribed material/Inklings of Identity

I’m trying to get some books of hidden bodies. If I was to purchase the proscribed material that I need to make it at the bazaar, it would be very expensive. Is there any good ways to get proscribed material/inklings of identity?

Just unfinished business in watchmakers hill. Those books aren’t very fun.

Edit: And it seems I forgot some things.
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Ugh. It’s a chancy challenge, well it’s better than buying 250 for 252.50 echos. Thanks.
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The card “Call in favors in the Flit” (drawn only in the flit) gives quite a bit of Proscribed Materials in exchange for Revolutionary connections (which can be gained by giving public lectures in the Forgotten Quarter).

If you’ve the Foreign Office you can do that carousel for like 450 a go via the ending option Ministry Run. Only takes around 12 actions or so iirc.
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Proscribed Material are unfortunately still prohibitively expensive to buy directly. They used to be only 8 pence each, twice their sell price like other items.

Note that you can get scores (ok, a respectable amount) of Inklings of Identity through one of the choices in the &quotBack to the Palace Cellars&quot card.

In the The Flit there’s an Opportunity card called “Call in favours in the Flit” that allows you to trade 120 points of Connected: Revolutionaries for 720 proscribed material.

If you haven’t been kicked from the court, the easiest option of “life of the mind” gives 20 proscribed, 2 honey and making waves.

Same here, those books are the worst grind ever. Unfinished business in Watchmaker’s/Literary sort of fist fight is the best one to grind however it’s still a nightmare because the output is random. If you have unlocked Velocipede Squad AND your Dangerous isn’t very high, you can try to deliberately FAIL the last, 7th step and get 240 of it. I tried and failed to fail several times and returned to grind.