Propagation of Cute Blemmigans.

Well, well, it seems, since last update, that there is one interaction which involve blemmigans in every dockable location aside form the Wreck of the Neptune (and i hope there will be one there! :D)… and we are starting to see also some… consequences.

Having drop blemmies everywhere, several times (Do you think the fact you could bring an apparently infinite number of blemmies to The Fathomking’s Hold is a bug or working as intended?), i am utterly scared, blaming myself for what have i done, probably i am going to write my name in the Avid Horizons, hoping for forgiveness.

(Aside that, practically now every port aside from Station III have port reports, right?)

Did you get them to propagate in Naples and Vienna? I think those were the only places without. (Coral reefs are a really good biome for blemmigans, or maybe they get eaten at the feasts? I really…laughed at the Iron Republic one) Station III has one preliminary report that nets you a hundred echoes.[li]

Oh, well, i wasn’t considering Naples and Vienn “dockable” locations, fortunately (for the blemmie of course, that will die in such a sunny enviroment!) we can’t propagate there.

I laughed at the widsom one and feel really awful at the Spider’s Rock one.

I forgot Station III preliminary report! You’re right! It’s not repeatable, but it’s there!