Progress in the fouth coil, Labyrinth of Tigers?

Good evening, fellow denizens of Fallen London. I am attempting to progress through the coils of the Labyrinth and seem to be stalled at 16 (needing 20 to progress). I have bread all the beasts as far as I know and provided a hound of heaven to the bishop but seem incapable of finding ways to increase my making progress rating. Can any one advise me?

On a side note, would you consider it worth wile to bread a bifurcated owl? Just wondering…

My thanks.


Its impossible, the sixth coil doesn’t exist yet.

Your pardon if I was unclear, I am trying to reach the 5th coil and need my Navigating score up to 20 but am stuck at 16…

The Fifth Coil is not accessible at this time.

I have noticed that there have been a lot of threads asking about progress in the Labyrinth (past the Fourth Coil) over the years.

There should be an update in the in-game text saying that the content hasn’t been developed yet.

Sorry, looks like I hit the wrong number.

Quite all right, Sunicide and thank you all for the information. On a side note, can anyone advise me on the relative worth of the Bifurcated owl? I am considering breeding one for my collection…

It’s tied with Übergoat for best BDR companion, gives +4 (technically just B&D). You can always re-breed the pets you give up to make it if you still want any of 'em.

The card is pretty useless, though amusing/disturbing to run through all the options.

If you have the goat, it’s a collectors item. If not, definitely grab it.
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